Friday, July 21, 2017

How my favorite ink pad was saved

Hey Scrappy Friends!  If you've been following me for a bit you know that I like to find creative uses to use my Best Glue Ever.  I have another one for you today.
     My baby girl LOVES my ink pads for some reason.  I have to drag her away from them at least five or six times a day.  Well, before I could get to her the other day she managed to rip my favorite color ink pad apart.
     I knew it needed to be a special glue to repair this because I didn't want to compromise the ink.  Best Glue Ever is good for use with foam so I figured I'd give it a try.

     Look at how little  glue it took to stick the ink pad versus the original!

     I also took the above pictures for you holding the ink pad upside down and sideways to show how well it stuck!  I'm so glad that my favorite color ink pad could be saved since I can't procure these locally.  Keep watching for more creating ways to use the ScraPerfect products.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Together | Felicity Jane | CSI Case File 233

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I'm back today with a layout I completed at the crop I went to a week or so ago using the sketch and color challenge from CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration.
     We needed to use the colors carnation, page sage, sage, white and light yellow.   The colors fit perfectly with my Felicity Jane Caroline kit that I was trying to use up. Most of the colors are easy to see, but the light sage is what is backing my photo.  
A sweet brother and sister layout using the Felicity Jane Caroline kit
     I also altered the sketch to use just the one large photo rather than two small ones.  I swapped the banner for a just a large solid piece, but still kept the embellishments trailing from one side of the photo to another.  I filled in the trailing embellishments with Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Black Velvet.  I felt like it gave it just the right amount of messy.
    Well...I think that's it on this one.  I have a few more layouts from this kit to share as I killed it so until next time...stay crafty!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Smile Little Beauty Scrapbook Layout | Felicity Jane

    Hey Scrappy Friends!  Here today with a layout featuring our little beauty Julia.  She just looked so old fashioned and adorable in this outfit that I had to scrap the photo.  
     I have committed to a year long stash buster challenge and the first kit I choose to kill was my April 2017 Felicity Jane kit.  Be prepared to see lots of Caroline layout coming up.
      For this one I choose the light pink as my background and then used my other bits and pieces for layers and accents.

    The biggest challenge on this layout for me was the title.  While I love the color of these letters they are over an inch tall.  To not make my title any bigger I paired them with some tiny word stickers by Authentique to get the phrase I wanted.
   Quick and easy page...took less than 40 minutes.  Hope you enjoyed and until next time...keep crafting!

Friday, July 7, 2017

How Embellie Gellie Saved My Father's Day

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I wanted to share with you how the Embellie Gellie saved our Father's Day.   I make my own enamel dots and received on order for over 1,000 the Saturday of Father's Day.  I needed have them shipped Monday, and I didn't have all the colors on hand.
         I went ahead and made a ton of colors, but they still needed to be packed. 
     Normally I do this all by hand and it takes me forever.  With my Embellie Gellie though I was able to go in and pick up just the colors I was looking to pack.
     I was able to pack my whole order while still spending time at the park with my family and having a cook out with my Father.
   What could have taken hours and hours with Embellie Gellie took no time at all.  Thanks for saving my Father's Day!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Quick And Easy Last Minute Fourth of July Crafts

     So it's July 3rd (Happy Birthday to my little sister), and you haven't started your paper crafts for tomorrow yet!!! I have a few quick and easy items that will help make your party festive without a ton of time, and using supplies your probably already have in your stash.
Last Minute 4th of July Decorations

     First up is some small flags that have a variety of uses and a card from the P.S. I Love You Crafts. How cute would the card be done on a singe sheet with your menu printed on the back!?
Patriotic Card

     I also love this silverware holder from Creatively Homemade.  Not only is this an easy way to add some festivity to your party, but it helps your guests.  We all have sat down as a picnic and realized we missed a piece or silverware or didn't have any.  What may to make your guests more comfortable than take all the work of it for them.
4th of July Silverware Holder

     Food fun kids has a great confetti popper idea. I can see these being great for little ones that you don't want to give sparklers too, or in areas where fireworks aren't allowed.

     This Momma Loves has several vase decorations that if you have older kids they could make for you.  What's a better time saver than that!  Quiet kids and some win
Patriotic Vase Decorations

     Finally for you I have a wreath from Creatively Homemade.  The pinwheels can be used on the wreath or image them on sticks for decorations or attached to paper straws for kids drinks. Super fun!
Patriotic Wreath

     Hope these fun crafts have given you some last minute ideas to make your party more festive.  Until next time....stay crafty!


Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Scrapbook Layout | Felicity Jane

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  Welcome to my last layout for the month of June.  This layout was inspired by the June 15th sketch over at Stuck? Sketches.   Laura always has inspiring sketches and I'm so glad she shares them with us.  
    For this layout I used the May Willow kit from Felicity Jane. The colors were perfect for my photo.  Hubby and I were at Tybee Island in this photo and I was about five months pregnant with our son Michael.
     I will have a process video on my channel next month about how I created this.  I'm honestly not 100% sure I love it, but anything more I tried to add just was too much.  The triangles are Liquitex Modeling Paste that I colored with some Studio Calico color theory (05) paint mixed with some Heidi Swapp Mustard Color Shine.  I mixed the two to create a shade that matched my die cut title and the paper I backed my photo with. 
    The stamping is done with stamps from Felicity Jane's June kit summer and Stazon-On Jet Black Ink. I like using the Staz-On because I don't have to worry if my surface is mat like my paper or coated like my tags.
     Okay - well...I better run.  Little lady wants her lunch.  Thanks for joining me today and until next time.  Keep scrapping!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How To Save Your Kids Game Boxes

     Hey Scrappy Friends!  I keep coming up with ways to use The Best Glue Ever that I want to share with you.  I mean let's be real...if we can buy one glue that does all these things, and supports a small business, why not right!?
     So if your kiddos are anything like mine they are super rough on the boxes for their board games.  Look at the poor checkers box.
     I have tried other things to repair game boxes before, but none of them seem to hold.  I've used staples, tape, other glues and they always come back apart again quickly.  Enter The Best Glue Ever...
     All you have to do is put some in the areas you need to re-stick. I actually used more than needed here just to be me REALLY certain it wasn't going to come back undone.
     I also clipped the corners I wasn't working on together with binder clips since I knew nap time was coming to an end.  I could walk away then knowing all corners were held together until dry (which really doesn't take long) if baby girl woke up sooner than expected.
     Now look at this result!  There isn't a gap to be seen, and we can go back to enjoying our game without pieces falling all over, rubber bands holding things together or having to re-box.
     I really hope some of my ideas have been helping you look at your crafting supplies in new ways to use around your house.  Until next time....